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Hello Hunters!

Welcome to Eristica🙌 Right now our team is working hard to get ready for the ICO to boost our project in Southeast Asia and India. We’re very excited!🌟Anyway we’re not marketing the token sale here. We just wanted you to know that specifically for the Product Hunt users we’ve prepared an awesome channel on Eristica app! There are dozens of awesome challenge videos that you guys will love. When submitting your own challenges hashtag #PH in the challenge description, so you would automatically get there as well. Good luck!

Take a challenge.

Win cryptocurrency.

Global Decentralized Platform of Personal and

Mass Challenges on Smart Contracts

Tokens Sold
Token price
1 ert
Total raised
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Token Sale ends in:

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There are several issues in the FunTech space which are yet to be solved


People are bored


Not many high quality video sources of local content in Asia


Fraud risk when undertaking challenges


Issues with card2card payments


And we know how to solve it!

Viral content
and entertainment
Eristica’s local UGC
Integration of
and blockchain



Using a blockchain technology we allow users to undertake the unlimited amount of challenges and transparently take part in them.

on Smart Contracts
Video proofs which
one can’t fake
voting system
Total transparency

Wallet #1




Smart Contract




Wallet #2

1. 2 users undertake a challenge with ERT (or other cryptocurrency) as a stake (prize).
2. A smart contract which has all the information and statuses of the challenge is created
3. This contract freezes users’ money on their wallets d
4. When challenge is proved or completed, a smart contract is activated and automatically transfers the money to the winning user



Working product – Eristica app 3.0

1,100,000 users were registered in the CIS countries and 100,000 – in the countries of Southeast Asia and India SOSV investment, MOX accelerator in Taipei and Singapore

Pre ICO was reached

Awarded as #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Nominated for Crypto Product of the Year on Product Hunt
Completion of Token sale
Global scale – Eristica app 3.5 Preloads on smartphones in Southeast Asia and India
Embedding core smart contracts
Exchange listed
Eristica app 4.0 with ERT wallet launch
Eristica World Challenge Platform concept creation
Eristica WCP 1.0 development
Meetup with Game Publishers
ERT offerings marketplace development
Eristica WCP 1.0 release
SDK for Unity and selected game engines
Integration kit for Game Publishers
Eristica WCP 2.0 development
Over 4 500 000 users in Southeast Asia and India in Eristica app 4.0
Eristica app 4.0 launch in the US market

Eristica WCP 2.0 release

Dashboard for Game Publishers launch

ERT payment framework

Start integration with Game Publishers

Meet our team

Stan Larimer
Godfather of BitShares, Advisor
William Bao Bean
General Partner at SOSV, Mentor
Michael Taggart
Co-founder and President of Cryptonomex, Advisor
Evgeny Tchebotarev
Founder at 500px, Advisor
Member of Bitcoin Foundation Italia, Advisor
Max Taldykin
Smart Contracts and DAO Developer, Advisor
William Shor
Managing Partner at Caspian Ventures, Advisor
Ryan Shuken
Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor
Hayk Hakobyan
Founder at TinyCarrier Singapore, Advisor
Melody He
Investment Partner at MOX, Advisor
Vlad Sapozhnikov
Founder of, Advisor
Nikita Akimov
CEO Eristica
Andrey Sheludchenko
CTO Eristica
Valentina Ivashchenko
COO Eristica
Artem Dalevich
CMO Eristica


Tokens amount

Public ICO

482 500 000, 00


Challenge Fund

68 757 539, 20


Eristica Team

68 757 539, 20


ICO organization

67 560 313, 63



687 575 392, 04



Media about us


How do ERT tokens work?

ERT tokens - is in-game currency which users get for winning contests or for successful predictions. Through the tokens, users can participate in challenges with celebrities or use them to buy access to ecosystem services.

How can I participate in ICO? (BTC/LTC/BCC/BTS)

Please follow the rules in the instruction here:

How can I participate in ICO? (ETH)

1) Open and click on the “Invest now” button. The button will appear as the ICO starts.
2) Copy a contract address from the “Buy ERT tokens for ETH” section .
3) Log in or log up your Ethereum wallet.
• Don’t send ETH from exchange! If your ETH is in exchange, transfer it to a compatible wallet (we recommend to use
• How to create Ethereum wallet?
4) Open MyEtherWallet and come to the “send ether & tokens” tab (
5) Fill the amount you want to invest to the contact address
* Min payments 0,01 ETH
* Advised gas limit 200 000
6) Click on the “Add custom token” button and fill the following information in fields :
Address: 0x92A5B04D0ED5D94D7a193d1d334D3D16996f4E13
Token Symbol: ERT
Decimals: 18
7) Click on the “save” button
Now you can see ERT tokens in your Ethereum wallet.
8) Sign in / sign on for displaying your ERT token at personal account.
9) Scroll down the page to the “how to get ERT tokens” tab and enter Your Ethereum address.
10) Go to Balance tap, your ERT tokens will be displayed there in about 3 minutes.

Why is it profitable to buy ERT tokens during the ICO?

During the ICO, tokens are sold at a discounted price. It is expected that when they appear on a cryptocurrency exchange, their price will grow significantly. Even if you decide to sell your tokens on the first day of trading, you can make a profit.

What is the supply limit of ERT tokens?

687.575.392 of ERT tokens will be issued under the smart contract at the date of the ICO start. All the tokens that won’t be sold will be burnt after ICO.

How the tokens are distributed?

70% allocated to the ICO sale, 10% retained for the team, 10% reserved for Eristica Challenge Fund and 10% reserved for early investors, advisors and bounty campaign.

How can I cash out my tokens?

You can sell them on stock exchanges. Compatible exchanges which you can use will appear in the near future.

How to create a wallet on ?

1) Open
2) Create the password not less than 9 symbols; click on "create new wallet"
3) Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON) and save it.
4) On your screen you'll see "private key", you should make the backup of it. Please, do not lose it, it cannot be recovered.
5) Access to your wallet by "private key", type it in the section on the right.
6) Click on “Unlock your wallet”.
7) You successfully created your wallet!
Scroll down the page, copy and save the address of your ethereum wallet.
You have to enter this address in your personal account on for displaying of purchased ERT tokens


[email protected]