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Join our 1.5M users and challenge a friend to do something wild and crazy, record it, post it and win a monetary reward. Or take a Challenge yourself and show everyone what you’re made of!


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you can

Post a Challenge for your friends or strangers to perform and record

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Is your drunk friend telling all the ladies he can do a backflip? Help him out! Let him prove it to the whole world on Eristica

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Tired of boring videos on Instagram? Or maybe YouTube recommendations are filled with annoying child videos? Then you made the right choice! Crazy, unique and OMG WHAT THE… content only on Eristica

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How it works

It's very simple, just accept a Challenge, prove it on video, win digital currency.

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  • Ryan Shuken

    The idea is great and the design is...wow It really pulls you in and the responsiveness of the project team is really impressive.

  • Caleb Khoo

    Amazing! It's really cool that the app sees your friends and you're not alone out there. A spoonful of mindblowing content!

  • Summer Xia

    Eristica is a great way to challenge your friends or to LYFAO watching video proofs! If you're still not using it... You better get started

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